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Preparing Your New House LED Setup

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Prospective homebuyers may not be always paying a lot of special attention to the interior lighting design and LED setup when looking at a newly constructed home. More often than not, they will be quite occupied with admiring the more prominent and strong elements of the new home – such as the architectural features, windows, fireplaces, and built-ins. However, just because a homeowner may not notice them, a well-crafted lighting plan is extremely important in enhancing the look of a home. Interior lighting design usually adds a final finishing touch that helps your home stand up from the rest.

With good interior lighting, the features of your home will stand out much more and gain more attention. Lighting could also become a fascinating home feature by itself when you incorporate a few modern and stylish house light fixtures such as chandeliers and sconces. Whether the purpose of lighting is to offer subtle support to enhance the look of your home or make a bold statement, there are plenty of lighting ideas out there for you.

Keep It Natural

Having natural light in the house is one of the top qualities a home could offer according to interior designers. During the day, the most ideal lighting will usually be paired by natural sunlight. So when you are in the process of constructing and designing your new home, remember to plan for natural light. Try to let in as much natural light in each and every room as possible. After you have planned for true natural lighting to be incorporated in your new house, you can also incorporate LED bulbs with a neutral feeling color temperature. Depending on where you are, the range for natural sunlight can go between 5000K and 5000K. A warm and bright feeling can also be replicated in traditional homes using LED bulbs in a lower Kelvin range. On the other hand, more minimal and modern homes could benefit from having a cooler light, somewhere around 3500K.

Function Comes First

When selecting a suitable lighting for your new home, it is important to take into account the levels of control, comfort, and energy efficiency.

  • Comfort

    Bright fluorescents are known for creating strain to the eyes. Discomfort can also result from lighting that does not serve the functional purpose, like kitchen lighting that makes it dangerous to prepare food at night, or home theater lighting that is either too dark or bright.

  • Control

    When creating the mood for their space, dimmable LED lights offer a lot of control and freedom. You can design your home with well-chosen non-dimmable lights but prospective homebuyers may prefer being offered a choice between dim and bright lights, particularly in multifunctional rooms. Giving people more freedom and control is definitely a big selling point.

Go Beyond The Code

Each and every newly constructed home will most likely meet the minimum requirements for lighting codes. However, going beyond the minimum will help to make your home more attractive to buyer. For instance, in terms of lighting elements, one of the most important aspects is kitchen lighting. With trendier open kitchen floor arrangement and plans, people spend a significant amount of time washing dishes, eating meals, socializing, and preparing food in one space.

Consult a Lighting Expert

Looking for advice or guidance on lighting your new home? J&H LED knows what buyers are looking for in a new home and can assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us here today!

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