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Why Should You Switch To LED Lighting

LED Wall Packs

Easy Switch to LED

To reap the benefits of LED lighting without having to change all your current fixtures, all you have to do is to change your existing incandescent screw-in light bulbs to screw-in light bulbs. Simply ensure that the new LED bulb is compatible with the current one and will be able to perform at a similar level.

Long Lasting and Saves Money

Initially, LED lighting may not seem to be a lucrative change. Although they are more costly than incandescent bulbs, the prices are starting to drop. That being said, investing in LEDs is a worthwhile decision in the long term. Although the upfront cost may be slightly higher, the payback period is worth it. Ultimately, the technology driving LEDs allow them to beat incandescent bulbs extensively. Some LEDs can last for almost two decades with average use until they start to dim, as compared to an average of a two-year life span for incandescent bulbs. LEDs will also experience a more gradual decline instead of a sudden burnout like the incandescent.

You will also get to save a huge amount of energy with LED lighting . Just by changing one light bulb, you will get to save around 70 to 90 percent of your total energy consumption. Depending on the lifespan of your light bulb, you could save between 30 and 80 dollars on your utility bills.

Uses Less Energy

LED lighting will convert almost 95 percent of energy consumed into light. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs will only covert 10 percent, while the remaining 90 percent will be wasted as heat. Whether it is a LED wall mount light or LED canopy light, you will get to save energy.

More Flexibility with Light Direction

Incandescent bulbs usually shine light at several angles, making it challenging to direct the light into one specific area. On the other hand, LED lighting is much more directional and you can focus the light on where you want it more effectively.


Although a majority of LEDs are dimmable, the two factors that affect dimming performance are its compatibility with the control and the driver quality of the LED. Not all LEDs will be compatible with the existing dimmer switch, so you may need to do a little trial and error. While dimming is definitely possible, you should double check that it is compatible and the unit will work according to your standards.

Wide Range of Color Temperatures

LEDs have a wide variety of different light color temperatures. The higher the Kelvins (K), the bluer and cooler the light. The lower the Kelvins (K), the more yellow and warmer the light. Trying to decide the exact light color to have is very dependent on your personal preference. If you want a general ambient light, you should go for a light color that is “cool white” or “natural white”. These options are ideal for the kitchen as well. On the other hand, for the reading lamp beside your bedside, you should go for “daylight” bulbs.

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